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A Renewed Commitment to Accompany Catechetical Leaders

Mar 04, 2024
Candle being lit to symbolize sharing catechesis

The past 20 months have been a time of renewal for the National Community of Catechetical Leaders, We have been guided by our mission to promote the ministries of evangelization and catechesis in the U.S. Catholic Church by fostering a community of leaders who proclaim and teach the Word of Jesus Christ through the witness of accompaniment, education, and formation in the Catholic faith.

We have focused our energies on discerning new ways to live our mission of serving catechetical leaders in dioceses, parishes, and other ministry settings. Our discernment has led us to six expressions of our mission: 

  • NCCL Connects: Providing an online community where catechetical leaders can build relationships, find support, and share ideas and resources.
  • NCCL Curates: Building a library of resources for catechetical ministry including our online conference videos and articles on catechetical theory and practice.
  • NCCL Educates: Offering professional enrichment courses and the national Certificate in the Practice of Catechesis.
  • NCCL Gathers: Sponsoring free online conferences and in-person events on important topics in catechetical ministry.
  • NCCL Informs: Writing about the latest thinking and current practices being used in catechetical ministry today.
  • NCCL Innovates: Developing new initiatives to promote evangelization and catechesis in today’s world, beginning with two need projects funded by Lilly Endowment, Inc. – Parents and Families at the Center of Faith Formation & Becoming a Missionary Synodal Parish Community

We have launched a new website to reflect our mission and its six expressions. Learn more about us at

We have launched a new online community of catechetical leaders where you can build relationships, find support, and share ideas and resources. Join the community at

We have revitalized our social media platforms, as well. Join us online to keep informed of our work, connect with catechetical leaders, and share your ideas. 





For decades, catechetical leaders have joined together to support one another in proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus in the U.S. Now more than ever, the Spirit calls us together as a community of catechetical leaders to creatively address the new challenges and opportunities facing the ministries of evangelization and catechesis in today's world.  

NCCL is ready to accompany you in catechetical ministry – today and into the future.

John Roberto
NCCL Executive Director
[email protected]


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