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Support NCCL's Mission:


Support NCCL's Mission:


Your Contribution Bears Fruit for NCCL Members and Our Greater Catholic Community of Dioceses and Parishes Nationwide

Forming people of all ages in the Catholic faith has never been more important or more challenging. Please help to ensure that NCCL will be able to serve catechetical leaders today and shape the future of catechesis in the coming years.

Your sponsorship helps NCCL develop new initiatives to serve diocesan and parish catechetical leaders, including the Certificate in the Practice of Catechesis with All Ages and Generations – our national program to equip and form parish catechetical leaders with the knowledge, skills, and practices for catechesis today and Catechetical Innovations: small scale projects to engage catechetical leaders in designing creative initiatives that address emerging needs in catechesis such as adult catechesis.

Become a NCCL Sponsor by providing financial support for our plans and programs. NCCL has no membership dues. Our goal is to serve all catechetical leaders. We are funded through program income, foundation grants, and donations (personal and diocesan). All Sponsor donations will fund NCCL’s new programs and initiatives to serve leaders in catechetical ministry. 

Thank you for your support,

John Roberto
NCCL Executive Director
[email protected]

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