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Webinar Presenters: 
Dr. Mike Carotta & Scott Hurd

Becoming a


Mike Carotta
& Scott Hurd

We have been called to accompany others...

What might trauma informed accompaniment look like? What role can we play in helping people navigate back from the impact of trauma? Suppose we intentionally developed a trauma informed parish? This session offers a basic understanding of trauma and its impact on us, principles and practices which help restore, three characteristics of a trauma aware parish, and a free new parish-based resource.


About our Presenters

After a life in catechetics, Mike Carotta has spent the last 6 years helping several national organizations develop faith-based trauma awareness resources. Scott Hurd is the Vice President of Leadership Development for Catholic Charities USA, and author of Forgiveness: A Catholic Approach and When Faith Feels Fragile

​Mike and Scott have developed Whole Hearted, a free four-session parish based trauma awareness resource from Catholic Charities USA

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Session Link & Downloads

Presentation Resources

Handout PDF
Link: Whole Hearted
Session Chat Transcript




Beyond Trauma

American Bible Society

If you have survived a traumatic experience, this booklet can help you with practical ways to care for yourself and your loved ones. It also can help you recover emotionally and spiritually from the trauma you experienced. The Bible passages in this booklet can be a source of comfort and hope as you go through the process of healing. 

If your traumatic experience has left your life in disarray …Start with the practical tips on page 6. These are the best ways people have found to deal with shock. Save the rest until you are ready.
You can read this booklet and reflect on it on your own, but the experience will be even more helpful if you are able to go through it with a friend or small group.

View / Download PDF

Gen Z and Mental Health: Insights for Faith Leaders

Lewis Center for Church Leadership

How can church leaders better reach Gen Z? In this episode, Josh Packard shares findings from the Springtide Research Institute on what faith leaders need to know about Gen Z’s religious beliefs and mental health. Watch and listen to more “Leading Ideas Talks” episodes and read transcripts at or wherever you stream podcasts.

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Additional Resource Links

from Springtide Research Institute

GenZ + Mental Health (Resources)
What Educators Need to Know (Report)
3 Things that Support GenZ (Article)



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